🌸about 🌸
hi, i'm eri! i work in the medical industry, live in north texas, and hang out with lesbians! i am a proud parent of two cats, named clyde and maverick!

♡ 28
♡ nonbinary lesbian
♡ they/them or he/him

🌸personality 🌸
♡ infp
♡ 2w1 enneagram
♡ taurus☼⇈ gemini☾

🌸links 🌸
♡ twitter: @animenun
♡ instagram: @ericacrossing
♡ discord id: Eri#7727

about my twitter

  • i don't really tag much, but if you need something tagged, please don't hesitate to let me know! i will always accommodate for whatever you have muted.

  • sometimes i do talk about my physical health, mental illnesses and past trauma, mainly in regards to family. if this makes you uncomfortable in any way, i understand wholeheartedly.

  • this twitter is mostly sfw, i have a separate twitter for nsfw/personal stuff (feel free to message me for it!)

before you follow

  • i sometimes tweet when drunk/high, please let me know if you need that tagged!

  • do not interact if you are transphobic, lesbophobic, homophobic, terfs, swerfs, truscum, ableists, etc.

  • do not interact if you are an incest shipper.

  • do not interact if you are an adult/minor shipper.

please tag/warn for

  • incest

  • all discussion of csa/pedophilia

  • all discussion of abuse (sexual/mental/emotional/physical/etc.)